kjrheadshotHaving retired from more than 40 years of private dental practice, I am now available to pass on the benefits of my experience, specifically in the areas of dental practice management and dental treatment mentorship.

My areas of expertise are as follows:

  1. Practice management advice – I formerly owned and consulted for Manor Dental Practice Management Systems.  As the Practice Principal in three practices I have employed and mentored many new graduate Dentists over my career.
  2. Cerec porcelain system usage and training – I was one of the first Cerec users in Australia.
  3. TMJ/Facial pain treatment – Including diagnosis, the provision of appliances and their adjustment, working with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, Prolotherapy treatment and Trigger Point injections. Sleep apnoea – Diagnosis, Mandibular Advancement Splint placement and working with Sleep Physicians. I was in the first cohort to complete the Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine under the University of Adelaide and the University of WA direction.
  4. Implant implementation in general practice – especially the Straumann system.
  5. Clinical tutor at the Adelaide Dental Hospital in final year General Dental Practice.

Read more about me or contact me on +61 411 630 864, or email kjrussell45@gmail.com.